Jobswifi Unveils “It Starts Here” Brand Campaign: Transforming Businesses in the Age of Digital Revolution

Jobswifi, a pioneer in the freelancing industry, introduces its latest brand campaign, “It Starts Here,” driven by the mission to reshape the global work landscape, particularly in response to the accelerated digital transformation prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the onset of the pandemic in mid-March, the world has witnessed an unprecedented upheaval affecting every facet of life. Small businesses, in particular, faced immediate challenges and were compelled to swiftly navigate new strategies to stay afloat. Jobswifi, recognizing the pivotal role it plays in this landscape, aims not only to assist businesses in surviving the current climate but also to empower them to thrive.

“It Starts Here” spotlights the transformation journeys of three authentic brands—Greener Roots (a hydroponic farm), Patina & Co. (an antique furniture store), and Slim & Husky’s (a pizzeria doubling as a community center). Despite their diverse purposes, sizes, and developmental stages, these brands share a common thread: Jobswifi . Collaborating with freelancers globally, they leveraged Jobswifi platform to undertake initiatives ranging from website creation and product photography to software development.

The campaign offers an authentic glimpse into the businesses’ adaptation to the challenges posed by the pandemic and their successful navigation of the digital landscape. By showcasing real stories, “It Starts Here” aims to establish deeper connections with viewers, allowing them to witness the resilience and transformation of these businesses.

Recognizing the shift in consumer behaviour due to COVID-19 restrictions, Jobswifi adjusted its campaign marketing strategy. Traditional out-of-home ads were replaced with digital and national TV ads, ensuring a wider reach to buyers and sellers in their current environment.

“It Starts Here” comprises short-form video ad spots airing across digital streaming channels, social media platforms, and national US TV. Longer-form videos, available on social channels like YouTube and Instagram, provide viewers with a more in-depth understanding of each business’s transformative journey.

In conjunction with the campaign, Jobswifi unveils its refreshed branding, a tribute to the platform’s decade-long evolution from startup to a globally recognized, multi-billion dollar business operating in 160 countries. The new brand materials feature authentic images of real buyers and sellers, emphasizing Fiverr’s commitment to genuine connections within its community.

As Jobswifi charts a new path with “It Starts Here” and updated branding, it underscores its dedication to fostering growth, innovation, and resilience amid the ever-changing landscape of work.

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The revamped Jobswifi visual identity reflects the creativity, energy, and determination embodied by the Jobswifi community. This is achieved through a bold aesthetic that includes a widened color palette, a distinctive two-typeface typographic system, and a custom-designed work marquee.