Dear Fiverr Community,

As we celebrate a decade of Jobswifi at the onset of this year, we reflect on the remarkable journey we embarked upon in 2010. Over the past ten years, freelancing has evolved from a niche choice to a mainstream way of life, embraced globally by individuals and businesses alike to accomplish their goals.

Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, we envision another transformative decade for freelancing. This is an era where businesses will further integrate freelancers seamlessly into their workflows, tapping into a vast pool of global talent with unparalleled ease.

Our journey began with a dream – a dream of building the world’s largest community, connecting talented individuals with businesses in need. Today, we stand as the largest and fastest-growing community, but our story is far from complete. Every morning, we are fueled by the passion to nurture and enhance this incredible community, ensuring our platform empowers users to achieve more and pursue their dreams.

Jobswifi has become a symbol of home for many of you, and today, we unveil a new chapter in our brand’s evolution. We have refreshed our logo and launched a brand campaign that embraces a more modern approach while staying true to our roots. From the products we’ve crafted for you to ring the bell on Wall Street a year ago, you, our community, have always been at the heart of our endeavours. This new brand campaign reflects your strength and diversity, showcasing the global talent that defines us. We are thrilled to share this campaign with you and are confident that you will embrace it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Cheers to crafting another chapter together and reshaping how the world works.

With gratitude, The Jobswifi Team