Adapting and Thriving: Small Business Trends in a Post-Pandemic World

The past year has been a challenging journey for small businesses globally, with the COVID-19 pandemic reshaping the way they operate. Forced into a digital transformation to navigate stay-at-home orders, many small enterprises have not only survived but showcased strength and resilience. As we delve into the current landscape, insights from Fiverr’s Small Business Needs Index reveal five major global themes that reflect where small businesses and entrepreneurs are directing their efforts for recovery, adaptation, and innovation.

  1. Choosing Your Digital Storefront:
  • Amazon Virtual Assistant: 778% increase
  • Shopify Store Design: 302% increase
  • Shopify Sales Funnel: 103% increase
  • Website Design Wix: 102% increase
  • WordPress Theme Customization: 63% increase Small businesses are prioritizing the establishment and optimization of their digital presence. Whether through Amazon, Shopify, or WordPress, the focus is on creating a robust online storefront.
  1. Recovery and Building Back:
  • Food Delivery App: 117% increase
  • Crowdfunding: 115% increase
  • Quickbooks: 83% increase
  • Bookkeeping: 40% increase
  • Accounting: 33% increase A year into the pandemic, small businesses are strategically rebuilding. Financial stability and increased profits are at the forefront, with a surge in interest in services related to food delivery apps, crowdfunding, and financial management.
  1. Creativity Becomes Cash:
  • Teespring Promotion: 111% increase
  • Custom T-shirt Design: 106% increase
  • Clothing Design: 56% increase
  • Streetwear: 48% increase
  • Embroidery Digitizing: 46% increase Creatives are leveraging their talents to turn creativity into profitable ventures. The fashion industry, in particular, is witnessing a surge in searches for services related to custom apparel design and promotion.
  1. Starting Something New:
  • Business Card Design: 106% increase
  • Product Mockup: 89% increase
  • Trademark: 82% increase
  • Market Research: 54% increase
  • Brand Identity: 32% increase The pandemic has fueled entrepreneurial spirit, with searches for services to kickstart new ventures on the rise. Entrepreneurs are investing in business cards, market research, and brand identity to establish a strong foundation.
  1. Up and Coming Technologies:
  • Getresponse: 91% increase
  • Elementor Pro: 89% increase
  • Cash App: 83% increase
  • Divi: 50% increase
  • Autocad: 32% increase Small business owners are embracing a range of technologies to enhance their workflows and business processes. From marketing automation to design tools, the adoption of technology is crucial for efficiency and competitiveness.

As small businesses worldwide navigate the path to recovery, these trends underscore their resilience and adaptability. The ongoing evolution reflects not only a response to challenges but also a strategic embrace of new opportunities in an ever-changing business landscape.