Strategic deals empower buyers to make savvy choices
A substantial number of consumers are inclined to make a purchase when presented with a discounted offer, even if it wasn’t part of their original intent. A staggering 93% of US consumers perceive discounts as a clever move, significantly influencing their decision-making process.

The combination of original and discounted prices creates a compelling visual
The common practice of displaying the original price with a crossed-out mark alongside the new, reduced price is prevalent both offline and online. This method effectively leverages the psychological anchoring phenomenon, where the original price holds a pivotal role in how buyers assess the value of a product or service.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) emerges victorious
Initially associated with social media, FOMO has become a pervasive phenomenon in various real-life scenarios, including pricing strategies. Tactics driven by FOMO, such as time-limited offers or showcasing the number of people viewing or purchasing a product, instil a sense of artificial “anxiety” in potential buyers, compelling them to make positive decisions to alleviate this feeling.

Strategies for incorporating discounted offers into your freelancing approach
Having explored the psychological impacts of coupons that drive action, let’s delve into how you can capitalize on this knowledge using various tools provided by Jobswifi.

Encourage bulk purchases: Motivate customers to buy multiple services by implementing bulk discounts, offering a 5-20% discount for multiple services. This not only boosts sales but also enhances customer loyalty, optimizing your cost per sale.
Provide a rationale for coupons: Beyond business motives, offer coupons for various reasons, such as periodic or seasonal opportunities, industry-specific events, or significant holidays. A well-defined reason behind the coupon enhances your business’s credibility and makes the coupon more engaging.
Express gratitude through coupons: During quieter periods, express gratitude to your buyers by offering “thank you” coupons. This gesture may turn them into returning customers or prompt them to make purchases sooner than initially planned.
Reactivate previous customers: Utilize Jobswifi coupons to reactivate past customers by offering them incentives. This approach may pique the interest of customers who have worked with you before.
Jobswifi Seller Plus voucherstips & tricks
Reward recent buyers: Acknowledge and reward buyers who have recently made purchases from you, as they are more likely to recall the quality of your service.
Select high-value buyers: Handpick your ideal customers based on your business priorities. Reward those who have consistently purchased services, been significant spenders, provided excellent ratings, or have been a pleasure to work with by offering exclusive coupons and special deals.
Custom Note: Personalize your approach using the “Custom Note” option to convey a tailored message to the buyer. Clearly explain the reason behind the discount, whether it’s a Christmas coupon, a loyalty appreciation gesture, or commemorating your annual anniversary on Jobswifi.
Every freelancer and business scenario is unique, requiring a tailored strategy for each client. Clearly define the purpose behind offering a coupon and strategize which customer segment to target. Harness the influence of coupons to effortlessly attract customers, employ the psychological tactics outlined in this article, and seamlessly convert one-time buyers into loyal, repeat customers.